Monday, 29 March 2010

Another one for South Africa..........

Ideal for picnics in the sun, braai’s before rugby games, bobbing around in the water while having drinks, this product is ideal for the out and about lifestyle of South African’s. Currently the product says that it should not be used in water, I am not sure whether this is an overzealous health and safety stance they are taking or whether the product should actually not be used in water. There are two other factors that are crucial for the success of the product:

1.       The ability for it to quickly inflate with the use of an automatic pump (like our modern day inflatable mattresses).

2.       The ability for the actual table to fold up as it is far to bulky to take in the car in its current form.

From their website their market has been B2B with it being used as a branding and exhibition tool. The above would need to be considered to go the B2C route.

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