Monday, 25 January 2010

Business Idea 1 - Wasted space above your head on aircraft

Being a regular traveller between the UK and South Africa, and also being a fairly big chap, the eternal discomfort of airline travel as caused me to spend many hours in my discomfort coming up with new methods to improve airline travel. What I have realised is there is a huge amount of wasted space above passengers heads which could be far better utilised, namely in a manner whereby all economy class passengers would be able to recline completely or at least partially, making the journey far more comfortable. There would be a few ways to do this, the first would be to have three bunks where the passenger could book a bunk for the entire journey. This would mean that the passenger wouldn’t be able to have the classic aircraft meals that are common on all current flights. But might only have the option of a sandwich or something quick at the galley at the rear of the aircraft. In the horizontal position the passenger would still have the LCD screen which would come out from the bunk above. This would be the complete and ideal solution, and I believe the customers would even pay a small premium for such a luxury. The second, and less drastic solution would be a facility where seats are linked to the seat either in front or behind the seat in pairs. One of the chairs reclines, similar to that of a dentist’s chair and the other chair slides above / below that chair. I might not offer a complete recline but would still be far for comfortable. The only downside would be that if either passenger needed to get up for any reason it would disrupt the peaceful slumber of the other passenger. Please see below which hopefully gives a bit more detail.


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  1. One day after this was posted an airline in finally on the right track: