Monday, 25 January 2010

Business Idea 2: Ski Deck UK

South Africa has no snow and is at least 24 hours from any skiing destination anywhere in the world. This has resulted in a need for South Africans to learn how to ski before they go away on holiday, this has resulted in the development of the ski deck. There are many benefits to the ski deck in that people can learn to ski without falling over and hurting themselves, as well as established skiers being able to build strength in their legs for the forth coming season. We have felt that there is definitely room for this product in the UK, with 1.2m skiers heading abroad annually. The ski dome in Milton Keynes is too far to go to during the week and is also extremely expensive, we are aiming to bring skiing into the heart of London. Our first site has been located and we are going to install the deck at Play on Sports in Canary Wharf ( they already have a footfall of 10k every week for their other sports, which would prove to be a great marketing tool.


Check out this link which shows in detail how it operates:


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