Friday, 22 January 2010

Streetskins - Windows of Opportunity

This is a business I started just over a year ago, it originated from the fact that steel shutters are an eye-sore and a complete waste of space on an urban landscape where every piece of real estate has a monetary value. After trying a few various methods, the product was finalised and sites set up in Manchester and London, the workings of the unit can be found on the website:


The aim of the business is to build various portfolios of sites that target various product categories, our primary focus at this stage is to target sites in nightlife hotspots around London, like Shoreditch, Clapham etc, and market this portfolio to the entertainment industry including West End music productions, movies, musicians, drinks and alcohol brands etc. The strategic view of our business is to have numerous portfolios targeting different markets around the UK. We are also pursuing the possibility of selling these units into major retailers, whereby they can advertise their own products. A business with no sign is a sign of no business. Let’s do things differently..........




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